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Earth Lotus Yoga Studio is located in Ligonier, approximately two miles from historic Fort Ligonier.  I offer a traditional Hatha Yoga class complete with breath work, postures and relaxation.  Classes include Beginner's, Beginner-Intermediate and Restoratives.  Private sessions for the individual or group are also available.  A complete listing of class times and costs are located on the Class Schedule page.  Special Workshops & Events are also offered throughout the year.  

It is my mission to provide a supportive environment for students to explore the mechanics of body movement and alignment with the mindful use of breath.  By balancing our attention between the internal and external landscapes, we can begin to tune into our truest Self.  The physical practice of Hatha Yoga, along with tenets of yoga philosophy, prepares each student to be more awake in their lives, both on and off the mat.

The intimate atmosphere of the Studio promotes individual attention, including physical and verbal adjustments.  While students are guided to honor their practice each time they step onto the mat, my role is to assist in achieving their fullest potential and highest good. 

Each journey begins with the first step - Begin your journey today at Earth Lotus Yoga Studio.

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